Key to achieving your goals in the next 90 days

Recently I came across a YouTube video, which was a recording of Anthony Robbins giving a seminar on achieving your goals. So I decided to go through with one of the action plans that he talked about and that was listing 2 goals that would like to meet in the next 90 days. One goal relates to my personal life, and one relates to my career life. For both I gave a short paragraph of why I would like to meet this goal as well as a brief paragraph on how I am going to do it. Knowing how to achieve a goal is not enough, you must have enough reason why you want to achieve it.

What are yours?


Personal Goal for the next 90 days:

Gain 10 pounds of muscle

 Current State: 140 Pounds

I want to achieve this goal in the next 90 days because I believe that improving my physical well-being also helps in stabilizing my mental well-being as well. I want to look and feel great, and have an aura of confidence that people will admire. Being stronger also means I will have more power and energy to do what I love which such as playing golf or networking/ communicating with others. Changing my muscle build will affect the way I am perceived as well as improving my posture as well as the way I walk.

In order to achieve this I need to increase my calorie intake and workout at least 3 times a week and by taking physical instruction from a trainer at least once a week. I will need to weigh my self at the beginning of each week to measure my progress. I will also keep a food log of how many meals I ate during the day, how many fruits and vegetables I ate, and how many glasses of water I drank. I will also tell my accountability partner(someone who I call everyday and tell him my goals of the day) of my goals so he can remind me and punish me if I do not go through with them. This requires full honesty and responsibility on my part.

Career Goal for the next 90 days:

Improve my oral communication, listening, writing and reading skills.

 Current State:

Lack of full understanding of other person’s viewpoint, too self-centered, poor spelling and grammar, redundancy in wording conversations, reading speed and reading comprehension is sub-par.


I want to achieve this goal because communication skills both verbally and orally can be a deciding factor during crucial conversations and getting the message across. It can be a deciding factor in whether someone is successful as a salesman or not. I am a salesman so I need to master this key aspect in my life. I need to be able to understand the concerns of others, as well as show empathy when needed. It can get me what I want in life both in material terms as well as in social status.  I also want to be a respected individual for what I say and do.  Even though this goal is a lifetime mission, I still believe that I must improve in this area everyday. I must raise my standards everyday.

In order to achieve this goal I must practice what I learn daily, whether the source is from books, articles, audiotapes, or other people. I will pick up NLP books, body language books, negotiation books, and books on communication and public speaking. This requires that I am honest in assessing my weaknesses as well as finding people to communicate with. I need to reflect on past conversations with people and ask myself what I did well, what I could have done better, and what I did wrong and need to correct. I will record these conversations in my diary so I can use them later on for reflection. I will also try to take any sort of public speaking, speech training, NLP, communication skills courses to get me closer to achieving my goal.