Lack of Environmental Awareness

The terms “global warming” and “green energy” may sound familiar to most people but how many actually know the truth behind these words. The truth is that the way scientists define global warming and the way the of media presence is totally different. Political pundits tend to twist the facts around and say that there is association with heat waves, droughts, and other weathering processes, while scientists deal with thermal inertia and feedback loops. Where there is money to made the media will try to juice as much out of the public as they possibly can. Research shows the following:

“Various polls indicated that only about 40 percent of U.S. citizens subscribed to the theory of evolution, about 20 percent insisted that the sun revolved around the Earth, one-half believed that human beings coexisted with the dinosaurs, and only 13 percent could correctly define the word molecule.”

The information in this finding is enough to get our attention. People believe what they want to believe, the less they know the less they can get involved. Individual input is important because there is just so much to how private companies can help, “cap and trade” and the carbon tax isn’t enough to make major cutbacks in resource consumption.

Feedback loops has its positive and negative. Positive feedback loops deal with increased progression of a process being repeated over and over. An example of positive feedback is the melting of glacier ice in the Arctic. One purpose ice serves is reflecting sunlight. The ratio of ice over seawater in a given area is called surface albedo. As the planet heats up, the surface albedo decrease, the ice melts and less sunlight is reflected by the ice. The sunlight is then absorbed by the sea, thus heating up the water. As the water heats up more ice melts and this accelerates this process over time. Arctic ice also contains freshwater and a number of greenhouse gases trapped for millions of years. When the ice melts, these greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere causing more negative impact on the environment. Negative feedback is the total opposite, as time progresses the situation regresses.

What people may not know is that even though the ice in the Arctic are  melting, more ice is forming in theAntarctic region. This sets off the balance of many things such as the ratio of freshwater to seawater, the Northeast and Southwest trade winds(causing the Equator to be hotter than normal), and the ocean current patterns(North Atlantic Grye, and South Atlantic Grye). On a larger scale, this offsets global annual phenomenons such as El Nino and El Nina, and explains the influx of weather disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes that has been happening recently around the Atlantic region. The problem that really worries scientists is that normally it takes thousands of years for the climate to change, but in less than 100 years the world has seen changes comparable with time periods such as the Ice Age.

It is a fact that the Earth has survive many types of weather since it was formed, extreme heat as well as extreme cold. The uncertainty is will humans withstand such changes. Many people use this uncertainty as an excuse claiming the problem is on a too large of a scale for them to do anything about it. They are obviously wrong, it is the mentality of the public as a whole that has led to little or no effort being used to reverse the process. If each individual believes that they can’t do anything about it, then the outcome is as they predicted but with public awareness and support, such beliefs could be pushed out of existence.

Indeed, global warming is not the only thing going on out there, what about our quest for finite resources? Our whole economy is in shambles, its all just a big Ponzi scheme that is inevitability to collapse. We sap on resources to make our big profits at the cost of future generations, but what happens when the tank is depleted, the forest deserted, the last piece of coal mined from the Earth. When the oil runs out what will make the plastic that holds the water of our water bottles and the tires for our cars. No matter how one may pray that this day never comes, but I assure you it will come it is what will we do when that happens.

What is all the talk about ethanol, it takes more energy burning fossil fuels making it than we get out of using it. Electric cars is such a big topic nowadays but not enough is to be done for the source of the problem, and that is where the electricity coming from.

Fossil fuels of course.

What can we do as readers do about this? A lot more than you may think.

Education is a big thing, we must reach out to the public and gain their support, and perhaps the government may push for stricter limitations on fossil fuel consumption and invest money into make renewable resources more efficient. China is currently making a big push for wind power, as this may worry the U.S, we can also push for increased hydro-powered ,geo-thermal powered , wave-power, hydrogen cell powered, and solar powered sources.

In addition, remember to turn off the light when not in use, recycle cans, bottles, and paper, and TURN DOWN THAT HEAT (you save more money by wearing a sweater). When go shopping next time be sure to look for green energy appliances as this saves you money in the long-run and contributes to the go green effort. GO GREEN!!

Footnote: I am still working on this post if there is anything I left out, or if there are any mistakes be sure to point them out, thanks.